Our Advisory division supports clients with issues related to strategy development and implementation in the following areas:
1. Business Strategies
  • Basic business strategies and Positioning
  • Financing
  • Succession planning
  • Cooperation, Partnerships, M&A
2. Financial Strategies
  • Defining and exploiting target groups
  • Marketing, Branding, Repositioning, CRM
  • Operating model strategy and development, Location search and expansion
  • Space optimisation, Increasing space productivity
  • Product range strategy and optimisation, merchandise group management
  • Internationalisation
  • Vertical integration
3. Strategies for Improving Results
  • Improving gross profit, Optimising product range and procurement, Supply Management, Pricing
  • Improving employee efficeny, lowering personnel costs
  • Reducing other operating costs and overhead
  • Reducing stock, Supply Chain Management
  • Organisation, Structure, Process optimisation
  • Category management
4. E-commerce and Multichannel Retailing Strategies
  • Analysis and further development of existing E-commerce concepts
  • Development of E-commerce and multichannel retailing (MCR) strategies
  • Planning and implementing multichannel concepts
  • Enhanching front end and online marketing
  • Increasing back end efficency (logistics, account management, procurement, etc.)
  • Product range development
  • Expansion and internationalisation
  • Insourcing and outsourcing