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How do I convert my store’s business to e-commerce? Is it worthwhile taking over a market participant? How do I respond to exogenous shocks and how do I secure supply chains? Should we structure our range completely differently? How do we win over new target groups and open up new markets? And do we actually have to move into the metaverse?
For over ten years now we have been advising our clients and helping them to answer these and many other questions – clients ranging from family businesses to retail groups that are listed on the stock exchange.
As a consulting firm with a consistent focus on the retail and consumer goods sector we always think, provide advice and act with an entrepreneurial focus. This enables us to create substantial added value for our clients. Our experienced and well-coordinated team has excellent expertise in the sector.

Excellent advice and services in all business situations

Our world is rapidly changing; it’s complex, uncertain and dynamic. However it provides great scope for development and opportunities for the retail and consumer goods sector. So now companies are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of making the right decisions at the right time. This is precisely when they must be able to rely on dependable sparring partners with experience, expertise and foresight.
In our Competence Centers we offer our clients specific tailor-made solutions throughout the corporate life cycle.

Selected clients

Clever people with years of retail experience as well as in-depth expertise, strategic thinking and great implementation skills.
This is what makes us stand out in the market.

Dr. Hendrik Gottschlich, Managing Partner & Founder

Team and careers

We are industry insiders, business founders, M&A specialists and digitalization experts. Each of us has worked in the retail sector for over 12 years on average. We have experience of over 150 transactions and M&As. Our digitalization and omnichannel retail experts have successfully implemented more than 50 comprehensive digitalization projects. However varied our career paths, interests and areas of expertise may be, what unites us is our passion for the retail and consumer goods sector.

Our team


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We offer graduates and experienced professionals ideal opportunities to develop their career in an inspiring setting. Your career working for Europe’s leading retail strategy consulting company starts here.

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