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In line with its holistic approach Retail Capital Partners combines the management knowledge of a leading consultancy firm with the corporate finance know-how of a top tier investment bank. The services that we provide range from strategic consulting to the implementation of recommended measures within a business as well as the specifying of business plans and measuring of success.

Our retail experts and industry insiders have on average over 12 years’ experience of working in the retail and consumer goods sector. The team has first-hand experience of the challenges and tasks that are involved. Our experts identify sector trends and shifts in consumption at an early stage.

Clients are provided with solutions for all the components of the value chain, ranging from strategy, technology or client data to corporate finance, operational issues or transformation and performance management.

Our Competence Center

We have brought our expertise and services together in five Competence Centers in line with the overall business processes. This means that our clients can be sure that they have precisely the generalists and specialists working for them in teams who are best able to ensure the success of a project.

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Commerce Strategy, Innovation and Company Building

Smart concepts make the difference. The team develops growth and change management strategies. Our consultants work with our clients to get the right focus for strategic marketing. To do this they analyze customers’ purchasing behavior (customer analytics) and define sales channels. The team develops sustainability strategies in line with a company’s values and wishes as well as the legal requirements. And it helps with the setting up of new companies (company building).

Isabel Baumgart

Isabel Baumgart


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Jan Hoffmann-Keining


Retail Capital Partners AG

Nicolas Kröger


Corporate Finance and M&A

Success must be affordable. This means having a good financing structure. Our Corporate Finance Team provides assistance with the financing of growth and investments. The experienced M&A team provides assistance to ensure successful corporate buy-outs and sales. The team also specializes in the CFO agenda, exit readiness and financial tracking fields.

Stefan Bruni 02

Stefan Bruni

Partner & Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Retail Capital Partners AG

Philipp Totzauer

Senior Manager

Commerce Data & Technology

Consistent digitalization ensures that data generates profits. Our Commerce Data & Technology Team analyses the existing situation and provides IT strategy solutions. It has enormous expertise in fields of IT architecture and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence & Data Solutions, Customer Centricity and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Loyalty.

Alexander Von Rennenkampff Nt

Dr. Alexander von Rennenkampff


Emmanuel Niklaus Nt

Emmanuel Niklaus

Associate Partner

Commerce Operations

Having an idea is one thing, successfully putting the idea into practice is another matter. At the Competence Center Commerce Operations our specialists undertake all aspects of supply chain management (end-to-end supply chain management). This also includes strategic purchasing (sourcing), category management and supplier management. Other aspects that are carried out are logistics as well as pricing and promotion.

Michael Krings Nt

Dr. Michael Krings



Dr. Philipp Wahl


Christoph Semer New Version

Christoph Semer

Partner & Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Transformation and Performance Management

Being successful involves questioning things and making changes as necessary. The Transformation and Performance Management team helps clients to improve their performance. And to measure the successes that are achieved. But it also helps with restructuring, value creation, strategic sales, strategic HR and with post-merger integration. Working via project management offices the team also provides assistance with planning and recording tasks and the provision of information, and it undertakes any tasks relating to the management of projects or the developments made in them.

Christoph Semer New Version

Christoph Semer

Partner & Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Robert Polland Nt

Dr. Robert Polland

Partner & Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Konstantin Pietrek Nt

Konstantin Pietrek


Business Cases

Smart data strategy for a global Swiss FMCG business

How must an FMCG business position itself in order to operate in a data-driven and customer-centred manner? What measures are needed in order to increase customer loyalty in the D2C sector and to use customer insights for the development of wholesale channels and innovations?
We have developed a holistic (smart) data strategy for our clients. This has included designing the Loyalty Program as well as developing client-focused use cases in the CRM and the digital and in-store experience fields, as well as developing the operating model for overall execution. In parallel to this our IT/ digital experts have defined a roadmap for upgrading the technology stack. Retail Capital Partners is delighted that we can now actively assist our clients not only in with developing strategies but also with the implementation of their business and IT systems.

Holistic transaction and integration advisory services for the takeover of a chain of luxury department stores

What targets make sense in the constantly changing trading environment when it comes to a strategic expansion of the business? How does one assess them as part of a purchasing process and in relation to synergies in the future business environment? How do you already set up a comprehensive integration/strategy program during the closing phase?
We have assisted one of the leading retail groups in Europe in relation to the entire process of buying an international chain of luxury department stores and the subsequent integration of existing luxury department stores. The process included carrying out full commercial due diligence incl. the evaluation of upside potentials and synergy effects. Once the deal was signed an integration and strategy program was immediately set up on a collaborative basis within an overarching PMO in order to harmonize the identified potentials and synergies.

Design and implementation of a marketplace model for leading operators of department stores

In recent years marketplaces and platform models have become the key driver of growth for e-commerce business. How do you make a quick transition from a retail company to a platform operator while maintaining a consistent customer experience?
Retail Capital Partners has assisted leading multi-category retailers in the European premium and luxury segment with the conceptualization and implementation of a curated marketplace model. We provided end-to-end support throughout the process, from strategy development, the conceptualisation and the implementation of operational functions through to the technical infrastructure. Here our proven marketplace approach includes defining the strategy and formulation of the business model, the designing of the customer experience, the technical marketplace architecture, and the organisational model and processes throughout a structured phase model.

Performance management for a wholesaler operating in various business segments

How can the performance of an independent cooperative with complex and varied business segments be improved despite challenging business structures and declining market growth?
We help one of the leading wholesalers in Austria to achieve a lasting improvement in the level of performance of one of its business units. Retail Capital Partners assists with the whole process from the initial evaluation of the situation, concept development, the mapping of the measures in a budgeting & measures plan as well as providing support with implementation.
Our project methodology includes operational, structural and strategic levers for achieving lasting improvements in performance. The approach to consulting that we use at RCP includes the early involvement of line managers during the analysis phase which significantly increases the level of commitment and the success of implementation.

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