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Holistic performance management.

Increasing a company’s value and improving its performance.


The first catalyst for questioning the strategic compass and implementing improvement or adjustment options to the business model is often market upheaval and recessionary developments.

Nonetheless, it makes sense to initiate appropriate measures earlier, when the company still has sufficient resources, to avoid potential harsh restructuring.
As a consultancy with a clear P&L orientation and an exclusive focus on the retail sector, we cover all functional disciplines along the retail process. In addition, our experienced retail experts can identify the challenges facing the company at an early stage. By taking precise stock of the situation, we help companies boost their profitability and increase their enterprise value. We initiate holistic performance programs, including the reorganization of companies or business units. Our portfolio covers everything from a review of the business model, cost structure and financing to far-reaching corporate transformations for strategic realignment.

Core Competencies



We work with our client to develop the company’s future strategic direction and translate this into a roadmap for implementing the strategy, including any requisite organizational adjustments.



We enhance performance and improve profitability, working capital and operational excellence along the entire supply chain using a P&L-oriented approach.


M&A and Divestments

We offer full support from defining strategic investment areas to implementing M&A and divestment decisions.

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Sales Excellence

We develop sales programs for individual business areas to increase marketing efficiency, sales effectiveness and customer satisfaction.



We help you to redesign your organization to make it sustainably profitable once again and to ensure that its size is right for the new challenges it faces.


Technological Optimization

We use technology as a strategic enabler, working with our experts to develop the necessary levers to maximize performance across all your company’s processes.