Start changing.

We help with holistic transformation and restructuring.


In this volatile market environment, companies often fail to meet their return expectations and even experience massive earnings and liquidity problems.

What they need is a holistic turnaround to regain the trust of the relevant stakeholders, to create value again and to set the company up for sustainable success. RCP’s restructuring concept is a holistic, action-based approach, with a focus on implementation. We prioritize the identification of strategic, structural, operational and financial levers. We see ourselves as our clients’ partner, working closely with them to achieve a common goal. Our approach varies from the use of a classic crisis-proven team, which works out the necessary restructuring measures on site together with our client, to the use of interim managers, who ensure stability within the organization and actively help to implement the concept.

The four components of holistic restructuring


Strategic realignment

  • Realignment of the business portfolio and adjustment of the strategic focus
  • Revision of market segmentation and adaptation or creation of the go-to-market strategy
  • Review and reorganization of the value chain
  • Optimization of pricing and product portfolio
  • Establishment/optimization of omnichannel management

Structural restructuring

  • Creation of efficient organizational processes
  • Adaptation of management structures
  • Digitization of business units
  • Initiation and support of the change management process

Operational restructuring

  • Revenue enhancement measures
  • Reduction of material costs, personnel and other operating costs
  • Non-personnel cost savings

Financial restructuring

  • Creation of maximum transparency via integrated business and liquidity planning, as well as the required financing needs
  • Optimization of the working capital
  • Definition of financing instruments and measures

Modular restructuring approach

Turnaround and sustainable success as a key goal

Our modular restructuring approach is individually tailored to your company's situation. We distinguish between short-term operational and structural restructuring measures, financial restructuring and strategic realignment.

Restructuring plan

A tailored approach

To achieve a holistic turnaround, our restructuring plan is based on five modules. The detailed restructuring concept, comprehensive measures management and integrated financial planning lay the foundation for successful implementation of the measures we develop.

Consulting approach

Collaborative formulation instead of separation of conceptualization and implementation

To guarantee a successful implementation of the measures devised, RCP relies on a consulting approach with an early transfer of responsibility to the management. The senior experts of Retail Capital Partners act as coaches and ensure that the management and the restructuring team develop the concepts together.